Adult sign language

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American Sign Language ASL is a language used for centuries by people of all backgrounds and abilities. It is the fifth most-used language in the U. These classes will help adults to learn to express themselves visually, using their hands, eyes, face and body, and communicate with others in a meaningful way. We will also explore deaf culture and develop an awareness to this community of non-hearing people.

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adult sign language

Learning a new language as an adult is challenging!! The more involved you become, the more successful you will be. Join a signing Meetup to practice more. Grab a book and finger spell every single word on a page. One ASL teacher taught me this: When spelling a word, think in syllables instead of letters. It works! Watch for these details as you learn.

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Our course is structured to be completed in 10 weeks but take as long as you need! Get access to the entire course for one low price making it the best value in online ASL instruction. We'd love to hear what brought you here today. Are you learning sign language for work, school or to communicate with a new friend or family member?