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Last month in our Head to Head feature we compared two video game franchises. This month we're going to switch it up a little and present two video game characters that gained notoriety in the gaming world: the renowned mercenary Big Boss and the legendary soldier Solid Snake. To the untrained eye, Big Boss and Solid Snake may appear to be the same character, but series creator Hideo Kojima has done a stellar job over the years defining these iconic legends, allowing them to stand apart in their own right. In order to properly explain the differences between the two, I must first divulge the similarities and backgrounds of these two legends. Solid Snake is the protagonist and the player eventually finds out that his superior, Big Boss, is the antagonist.

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Metal Gear Solid: 5 Reasons Why Big Boss Is The True Snake (& 5 Why It's Solid Snake)

Venom's gear is good, but he lacks physical capability and Solid's gear isn't too far behind. It's essentially bringing Big boss model directly from ground zeros into the phantom pain. Big Boss survives and a few years later, creates another nation in Zanziber Land. The only time he wasn't being used for someone else's agenda was on the Big Shell, and even then he missed what was actually going on. Snake was the fourteenth competitor revealed on July 24, It changes the name along with the portrait of Snake with Big Boss and change the Avatar with the portrait of Venom Snake. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake had an in-game rumor about Big Boss rebuilt with cybernetic parts after being mortally wounded during the previous game's final encounter; this explanation was used for Big Boss' survival in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database, although it has since been retconned with the release of The Phantom Pain.

Known for its revolutionary stealth gameplay and bonkers storytelling, the whole saga encompasses a giant meta-commentary on war and various other themes. One of the biggest was the form of control via the Patriots which was fought by Big Boss, the original Snake. However, over time his personal war against them turned him into something far worse and the war against the Patriot s didn't truly end with him but with his clone son, Solid Snake. He was so legendary that he eventually got cloned for the Les Enfants Terribles project in
M etal Gear is arguably the greatest action gaming series ever created — but it is also easily the most bewildering. What is the difference between Liquid, Naked, and Solid Snake? What is Foxdie?