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But as it turns out, there are far more brown and black hair beauties out there than we can fit! It does not hurt to try though! This is our top 10 choices of the hottest brunette pornstars. Brunette pornstar Lana Rhodes is both young and gorgeous. A beautiful face, yummy natural breasts, and finger-licking juicy ass make her a real treat to watch.

The Hottest Brunette Pornstars

The Hottest Brunette Pornstars

Blondes may get a lot of attention, but there is something uniquely sexy about a hot brunette. They are considered to be much smarter and trustworthy than their blonde counterparts. Also, they are considered to be much classier and more sensual. You will also be surprised to learn that in a recent poll by Illicit Encounters, almost 6 out of 10 people said that brunettes are better in bed. Four out of ten people in this survey also said that brunettes are more likely to try new things in the bedroom. So browses this list of the hottest brunette pornstars and discover a few new hot babes to watch.

Top 25: The Best, Hottest Brunette Pornstars of 2019

Well, it looks like this is our last post when it comes to hair colors as we have already covered gingers and blondes, so the next logical thing to do is just go with brunettes. Yet I believe as of now, that should be enough as there are more interesting types and categories to explore. So here you have it, folks, our hottest brunette pornstars list, collected in and , so you can expect the freshest pussies only.
It was about time that we bring you a list of some of the best brunette pornstars for your pure enjoyment. This time is today and the list is not put together in any particular order. Since some like one over the other, and our opinion is entirely different compared to yours, we just selected top adult actresses at random. And if you have any additional suggestions, we would love to hear it from you.