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She eventually dies of old age. Little does she know, he plans to end their engagement with intent to marry Amanda Lopez instead. Furious, Cassandra knocks his trash can over whenever she passes by the Lothario residence. This causes the family to frequently fall ill with the flu. Lifesimmer stated, in spite of her ill will toward Cassandra, that Cassandra was too good for Don. Rose is generally unpleasant to Cassandra: playing pranks on her, stealing her food and frequently beating her in physical fights.

Cassandra Goth/The Sims 4

The Life of Cassandra Goth — Sims 4 Founding Families

Pls tag your besties, so that we can enjoy even more creations. Tagging simvicii oliveandoak hushthots ayshio yes Aish, i still have hope xP crescendemon wesunnysimmer citrusjuice dettea amydelight evoxyr astrasouls sugargrapes junktrait moodensim sojusimmer ghostrait sammsims madgnomes thatsimmeroverthere fakeplasticsims everfallsims volcano-pasta cillaben. The first Household is a very known one. The Goths. The Goths seems like an aristocratic family with a dreary aura. Mortimer Goth met Bella Bachelor on on war days. Alexande r came 5 years later to the party.

Cassandra Goth

After Bella and Mortimer's murder by Gwen Lovelace, Cassandra has started to get really confused to why her parents never even showed up after the wedding she didn't attend, and apparently has gotten the police into it, when Gwen is called to do patrol near their mansion. Cassandra has eventually gone insane with the mysterious dissapearance of both of her parents, which has made her gloomy and rather eccentric, and Joshua Kauffman comes upon her in a crazed state, in a plain mid-life crisis, when he sees her wearing a funny hat, and decides to allow her to join the Pixel Perfect crew, out of pity. On their second gathering, at an insane party in the disco, Josh starts mingling with her for real, since he might have started to have some feelings for her, however, he does get divided between his lust for Diego Moreno and his pity for Cassandra, who is left out from the group, yet again. However, she doesn't seem to be too much into interaction as she reacts negativetly to Joshua's attempts at flirting, as she does in the following two gatherings where she does nothing but aid on the progress of the games developing and semi-flirt with Diego. She does attend the pre-Christmas soiree hosted by Tricia Montgomery and witnesses the whole melodrama between her, Archer Montgomery and Amy Kurosawa unfold.
Sims 4 What did you do with the Goth Family in your sims 4 game? In my game, Mortimer caught Bella cheating with my sim named Charles. Charles has a sister named Mary. So Mortimer and Bella got divorced and Mary is pregnant and married to Mortimer and Bella is pregnant and married to Charles.