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Despite this shitty resume, the Trump admin tapped Giuliani for a cybersecurity adviser role in He appears to have done nothing in that capacity beyond locking himself out of his iPhone , ass-dialing a reporter , and accusing Twitter of hacking his tweets to insert anti-Trump URLs. Now Rudy has pulled the racist equivalent of wandering naked into the background of a Zoom call, per the Daily Beast. On Tuesday, Giuliani had wrapped up an edition of his podcast Common Sense , featuring former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, when he did a little post-show banter in front of a hot mic. When the episode made it to YouTube, all that footage was still present, including a section where he mocked Asian people and pantomimed a bow:.

Video Of Chinese Missile Carrier Jet Hauling What Appears To Be A Hypersonic Weapon Emerges

Video Of Chinese Missile Carrier Jet Hauling What Appears To Be A Hypersonic Weapon Emerges

Chinese viewers can easily search and watch the documentary as it already included Chinese subtitles. The documentary was released exclusively on Netflix as it is a Netflix production, which means that it is being illegally distributed through BiliBili. Koreans online noted that people in China still watched Korean videos illegally although they are discouraged from doing so mainly for political and military reasons. South Korean band BTS started hosting an online concert. Picture: Instagram. Bilibili has also come under fire for illegally distributing the BTS concert this month. There is also other Korean content that is being illegally streamed on the site.

Chinese video platforms reportedly axe Apple's 'Hi, Speed' livestream

Video has emerged out of China showing what appears to be an H-6N missile carrier aircraft with a massive weapon slung underneath it. The unique wedge-shaped profile of the missile's forward section points to the possibility that the missile is a hypersonic weapon system. In particular, the form factor looks similar to the one found on China's ground-launched DF hypersonic weapon, which uses a ballistic missile to boost an unpowered DF-ZF hypersonic boost-glide vehicle to a velocity well over Mach 5 before the vehicle continues on maneuvering path through the atmosphere to its target. You can read our previous post on the DF here.
The livestream for Apple's Oct. Apple's keynote kicked off on Tuesday at 10 a. Pacific, and was available on various streaming platforms.