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He said he would get there in 5 minutes. It was wet outside. Small droplets of water were tickling my legs and dripping on to the pavement. The wind blew my wet hair out of my face. My phone buzzed in my pocket as the rain finally stopped. He texted saying he accidentally got off at the wrong busstop and was now running towards the tube station.

fuck me?!?!?!

The Mad Tumblr — Bees and elephants. Fuck me up with some sick be

Bc if not Google him, and on Google images in one of the first pics he looks SO freaking similar to Bill, like wth, what is up with those swedish actors. Ohhhh I see some similarities. You hit it right on the head though. My memaw is an ornery old bat. As for school though, m a n. I cannot agree more with you.

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The male Asian elephant at my zoo, Hank, is the largest elephant in North America. He weighs 16, pounds average weight on an African bull elephant is K pounds. This extends to their caretakers when they are in human care. A female elephant is pregnant for 22 months, and then gives birth to a pound infant. Elephants live in social groups, but like many mammals, their social groups consist of moms and juveniles.
Also his coding skills intimidate me. I would not win. I would lose. Multiple times. Does that deter me from fighting him?