Having sex at the beach

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Shocking video shows a couple having SEX in the middle of a popular beach in broad daylight. Man dangles himself off Trump Tower and demands to speak with Donald. Reality star Lauryn Goodman talks about her endometriosis diagnosis. India reopens schools in some states after six months of closures. Documentary looks at the controversial history of a Scottish statue.

13 Real People Share Stories of Having Sex on the Beach

Having Sex on the Beach - 13 Real People Share Their Stories

It's the ultimate summer sex fantasy—but it poses some health risks. Just like shower sex, sex on an ocean beach or in a swimming pool is hardly as glamorous IRL as it seems. Thanks, porn. Please make sure you have it to yourself. As romantic as that sounds, there are unpleasant realities to this kind of summer lovin'. Before you strip down, read up. Rinse off afterward with fresh water, not seawater.

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Having sex on the beach may sound fun at first — a calm sea breeze, the blazing sun and your partner all in one place. Here's what experts think you should keep in mind the next time you decide to, as Danny Zuko from "Grease" would say, get " friendly down in the sand. Plan ahead if possible.
We explain how to do beach sex right. Turns out getting down and dirty in the dunes takes some planning. As summer takes hold, temperatures soar and holiday romances suddenly seem a totally sensible thing to do rather than a doomed expedition into the world of gonorrhoea, sex on the beach is back on the menu. I mean, it has to be amazing.