Honey select character editor

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X posted above since version 5. If you installed LRE in the past, there's a good chance you don't have the right one, double check pretty please. This mod adds an alternative interface for posing a character with IK including some cool features. However, the true strength lies in the Advanced Mode which is basically FK on steroids.

tutorial honey select how to use character editor

Honey select character editor mod

Coordinates and girl cards will only work if your game is the same version than mine. Make sure you have the game correctly patched with IPA. Make sure you downloaded the latest release of GGMod. Also make sure to have MoreSlotID at version 1. This applies for all my mods unless otherwise stated in the post.

Frequently Asked Questions (HS)

Honey select character editor mod. Then you can either upload the mod to the Steam Workshop or share the generated. Start the game and load the saved game.
Honey Select 2 [ edit ]. Install Guide. If you can't seem to fix your issue, visit the hs2-help channel on the IllusionSoft Discord server read the pinned messages before ask questions.