Is frisk a boy or a girl

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I have seen the video and I do agree with it except rude atitude to the topic of the youtuber remember kids - being rude is not an argument. Video almost reflects my point of view on all of those gender stuff and says almost the same what I have written in comment which you apparently didn't understand, maybe because my bad english, who knows except I do not want to judge if gender is actually good or bad for us. That's not what I mean unlike that youtuber, who seems to just not like gender and expresses it. I just do not get why some people are using this unusual for me terminology and everything related to it, but it is not a problem, because here we are talking about virtual characters only: Chara and Frisk, not about real people.

Discussion Topic: Is Frisk a Boy or a Girl?

Discussion Topic: Is Frisk a Boy or a Girl? | Undertale Amino

I know that it is a controversial topic but I am happy with my choice. I have always found Frisks gender up to the player to be interpreted. Players can choose how they feel about Frisk and imprint on them. Some see them as non-binary and proudly share the message of those who are. Others give them a gender to identify with them and that is also great!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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I've received this question many of times by friends, family, or even random Undertale fans. Well, there's a simple reasoning for that. Chara was given that specific look by the artists of the game.