Jessica nigri normal clothes

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Watch Video. Factual Fixes: Jessica Nigri was standing in a HALLWAY where a lot of other guests were, and, of course, Jessica's "fans" were blocking the way as they were taking pictures of her, basically causing a fire hazard. She was told to go to the booth she was assigned or change her clothes to make less of a problem. Also, PAX has a strict "No booth babe" policy, which she was in clear violation of. Johnny Novgorod: There's this pattern to Jessica's cosplays but I can't

Agents of Cosplay: Jessica Nigri: Better Know A Cosplayer

She is possibly the hottest and most famous of all cosplayers around the world. But trust me, it doesn't take a cosplay to make her hot. She's there with or without the skimpy clothing. She's got a damn-near perfect body. And yes, it's true, she did have to pay for some of it. There's no hiding the evidence of that. But I don't think you guys really mind, do you?

I'd like to see Jess do some shoots in normal clothing. No characters or context, just a good modelling shoot. I think she'd hold up well against other non cosplay models. Lollipop Chainsaw.
Woah-oh-oh-oh Cosplay is a good time Woah-oh-oh-oh Cosplay is a good time Woke up feeling like the Walking Dead My girl's wearing cat ears on her head. Swords up if you're down to dress up tonight Cosplay is a good time. Don't wear normal clothes, why should i care? My cape lets me fly right through the air!