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In Jan when I booked a trip to Paris to celebrate my daughter's high school graduation, it seemed like a great idea, but when we got off the plane, I was frankly intimidated. We could ask the staff anything. There was someone at the desk at all hours and we were out LATE! The street was something out of a movie, crowded with tables and people sharing coffee or cocktails at all hours, most of them in suits and ties, never too loud, always laughing, smoking, kissing each other in greetings and goodbyes. The grocer gave us a bon bon and a smile at each visit.

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8 Tips for a New Mom (A Letter to My Daughter) - The Character Corner

Women have always sought the companionship and support of other women. We have gathered in kitchens, campuses, and playgrounds, cafes and factories, our places of worship. Prenatal classes segue into playgroups and babysitting clubs. Our female friends and relatives provide guidance and help us shoulder our burdens.

8 Tips for a New Mom (A Letter to My Daughter)

Victoria is an answer to our prayers, as Ruth struggled with infertility for over two years. I love her to pieces already, and I know that you are amazed with the depth of love you already feel for her as her mom. The hours spent holding, cuddling and watching Tori change and grow are one of the many joys you will experience. You will also go through your share of challenges.
So as some of you know I have two little princesses at home- one is 5 and one is 4. This is such a fun age to have little ones because I can really see their personalities starting to develop and it is also a little bittersweet because I can see my big girl turning Want a fun way to show your love to your daughter? Try a Mom and Daughter Date Journal! Spending intentional time with our daughters when they are young helps them to know they are special and creates a bond that we need […].