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Voters in the heart of the Swiss Alps have passed legislation banning naked hiking after dozens of mostly German nudists started rambling through their picturesque region. Only a scattering of people opposed the ban on the back-to-nature activity that took off last autumn when naked hikers started showing up in eastern Switzerland. The cantonal government recommended the ban after citizens objected to encountering walkers wearing nothing but hiking boots and socks. A similar legal move is expected in the neighbouring canton, Appenzell Outer Rhodes. The nationalist Swiss Peoples Party has advised the cantonal parliament that it is preparing legislation against "this shameless behaviour".

Swiss can ban naked hiking, court rules

Nude hiking in Switzerland: Legal or not? - Matador Network

According to BBC News , a hiker is in court disputing a fine he received while hiking in the buff. The eastern Swiss canton of Appenzell is traditionally devout and conservative and, in fact, only gave women the right to vote in But despite this, it has become somewhat of a nude hiking mecca. In the hopes of deterring these naked ramblers, a new law was introduced last year permitting nude hikers to be fined. The hiker was called in when onlookers from a communal BBQ area saw him walking by. He is also alleged to have walked past a Christian nursing home, whose residents saw him. Trending Videos View All Videos.

Nude hiking in Switzerland: Legal or not?

At other times, they are more open. Take hiking. In recent years, it has become fashionable for a growing number of Swiss and some foreigners to wander in the Alps clad in little more than hiking shoes and sun screen. Last summer, the number of nude hikers increased to such an extent that the hills often seemed alive with the sound of everything but the swish of trousers.
Naked alpine ramblers have been warned to keep their clothes on this spring or face fines under new legislation introduced by Swiss authorities intended to clamp down on a growing pastime. He said that until now the naturist walkers — sometimes referred to as "boot-only hikers" — had been free to wander naked because there was no law to prevent them from doing so. The new law is expected to come into force on 9 February in time for the start of the hiking season. According to one naked hiker website, nacktwandern. Some hikers even abandon footwear.