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While this was the sentiment of the religious and older generations , in , oral sex is just not a taboo to younger Black people. Some Black women believe that having semen in your mouth is nasty, unclean, or just too freaky. Where women disagree on this method is that some say it can be seen as rude or ruin the mood for men, but women who practice it feel turned off by the idea of having semen in their mouth or feel that should be saved for their husband or at least serious boyfriend. They feel it is a natural progression of the act of oral sex, while others feel that swallowing is an intimate act and privilege only for a man who puts a ring on it.

The Talk HBO’s Insecure Should Have Had About Oral Sex in the Black Community

Oral Pleasure: The Joy of Giving • EBONY

Over the past three decades, most research on adolescent sexual behavior has focused on vaginal intercourse and related behaviors, including contraception and unintended pregnancy. In this study, we describe the prevalence and correlates of vaginal, oral, and anal sex in an epidemiologically defined population in Baltimore, Maryland. Young adults ages 18—24 , who had been enrolled in a behavioral intervention trial during elementary school, were interviewed by telephone between and to assess their sexual behavior. Of respondents interviewed,

Personal and Social Influences Regarding Oral Sex Among African American Female Adolescents

The performance of oral sex is an awakening of the senses. It creates a bodily connection between two people, as taste buds and corporeal pleasure intersect through an act of selflessness. If done right, it can serve as a powerful precursor for sexual intercourse and set the mood for a reciprocal exchange of bliss.
Dance Jr. Analyzed the data: GD. Multivariate logistic regression was used to evaluate predictors of oral sexual behavior and oral HPV16 infection. Differences in oral sexual behavior were observed by gender, age-cohort and race.