Our nude seattle model

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Beyond Nude Life Drawing

Nude Model Paint Party!! in Seattle, WA

Throughout the festival there will be both scheduled and spontaneous life drawing sessions. Later Friday night, The Chair Project is expected to morph into a life drawing session. And the women in the strait jackets will be dropping in for some more graphite time. Saturday afternoon, we give you two hours of Rope Art Salon. Capture the process of tying or study the interplay of flesh and knots. Then be sure to visit Aaaahz!

Beyond Nude: life drawing that’s a bit different

A little bit naughty and a whole lot of fun! It may not be suitable for hanging in The Louvre, but you'll definitely have fun painting a nude model at this laid-back wine and paint party in a chic artist's loft at historic Pioneer Square. No prior experience is necessary for this three-hour class, and all the art supplies are provided for you by BrushCapades Seattle.
Did he buy a cherry-red sports car? Did he sign up for the Peace Corps? Did he enter a profession that requires him to get buck-naked in front of total strangers? That was about five years ago.