Tokyo ghoul season 2 episode 4

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You can easily watch full episodes of Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime. The show is tremendously violent and gory, but not extraordinarily so in it s genre. It kind of falls into the Supersayan-problem of ever more powerful enemies that can only be defeated by the main character after becoming stronger, but it varies enough more so in the second season than the first. Despite the characters feeling all over the place in the first few episodes, there is a point to that and after two seasons I actually quite like how the character arcs turned out. Suffering, Hate, Love, Friendship, Humanity is one of pillar of this anime.

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Being an orphan, he was adopted by Donato, a ghoul priest who raised children for his own consumption. Every single one of his interactions with them has been horrible. Even during the raid, Kaneki simply disarmed the guards while Aogiri slaughtered everyone in sight. Meanwhile, Kuro and Shiro are tailing behind, trying to retrieve Kaneki. Stumbling into Juuzou, we learn more about them. Like Kaneki, these two are artificial ghouls who were likely produced by Kanou.

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Anteiku is visited by the strange Shuu Tsukiyama who quickly takes an interest in Kaneki. Kaneki however is put off by his behavior. Touka has been annoyed since he walked in and eventually shoos him away with Tsukiyama promising to return. Kaneki wonders who he is and Touka warns him to stay away.
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