Which island is lugia on

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Beneath the sea, a maze of dark caves sprawl, with explorers able to travel between the four islands with some amount of difficulty. Named after the dangerous whirlpools that surround them, some parts of the Whirl Islands are mysterious and largely inaccessible. Children in Olivine City are told that bad kids are sent to the islands. At some point in time, there were two countries fighting over the island. Lugia, the guardian of the island, got upset and cast lightning bolts to tear the island into four pieces.

Pokémon Gold and Silver/Whirl Islands

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The sisters run off, leaving you to follow. Head north from the Dance Theater to reach the Barrier Station. Flash the Fog Badge to reach Bellchime Trail , and step inside the tower. As you approach the back of the first floor, the Rainbow Wing suddenly floats up into the air.

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Equipped with the Whirlpool technique, you can now access the Whirl Islands along Route You will also need Strength and Waterfall and of course, Surf to navigate the dungeons here. If you have the Silver Wing, you will also be able to summon the Legendary Pokemon Lugia here, and with persistence and a little bit of luck , you will capture it! There are four islands here, but the one to the northeast is what you want for Lugia.