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Page 3 is a British tabloid newspaper tradition of publishing an image of a topless woman on the third page, the vast majority of whom are glamour models. The concept originated as an occasional feature in The Sun in , designed to compete with the Daily Mirror , which was publishing pictures of women in lingerie and bikinis. By the mids, The Sun had made Page 3 a prominent feature. By the s, the Daily Mirror removed images of topless women from its publications, citing them as "demeaning to women".

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Journo mate of mine wanted to do his MA thesis on political bias in News In Briefs, by comparing the political views of the Page 3 models with those expressed by a random selection of scantily clad 22 year olds. We should no more expect a glamour model to be uninformed on Human Rights legislation then we should suspect Ed Milliband to be ignorant about the benefits of moisturising or for David Cameron not to know what vajazzling is. The point is that The Sun has a long, rich history of putting editorial opinions in the pouting mouths of Page 3 girls. I want to share this article by Mark Simpson about misandry. If you want to discuss the issues further feel free to leave a comment on his blog or mine where it has been cross-posted. Are you for real? Is that the most sexist thing you see here?

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