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What we really need is a total image make over Fade in to scene from the roof of a multistory concrete parking structure in downtown Los Angeles. About a dozen office workers crowd around a very flash new sports car, a red convertible. The crowd is male and female, mixed racially and their appearance ranges from homely to supermodel. The man behind the wheel of the convertible is ordinary looking, and pretty pudgy. Driver obviously relishing this expensively bought attention : babbles about features of cars, etc.

cycling sexy girls

Hot weather cycling: keeping cool in summer heatwave

The heat wave may not be around long, which is great news if you like the sun but not ideal for your cycling life if you struggle to ride in the heat. One of the biggest obstacles with cycling in hot weather is maintaining adequate hydration. You will sweat more as your body naturally tries to cool itself down, but that sweat will evaporate quickly, meaning that it is hard for you to gauge exactly how much fluid you are losing. Drink little and often when riding, and make sure that you have plenty of drink with you or know of places on your route where you can obtain more drinks. Make sure you take enough drink with you, although this may be a bit excessive. It is amazing how much drink you can get through on a hot day — drinking two full bottles during a long ride is pretty normal. The worst thing you can do it drink only when you become thirsty, keeping sipping from the beginning of your ride until the end.

Sexy cycling

Hot Springs is home to a versatile trail system with offerings for riders of all ages and skill levels. Take a quick one-mile scenic loop or push yourself on one of our beginner-to-intermediate trails. Purchase Bike Hot Springs Apparel. Experience 26 miles of world class mountain bike trails just five minutes from downtown Hot Springs.
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