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You can help the charity reach many more. Donate here for the cause you will be directed to the HelpAge India site. Various studies have captured a trend that appears to prevail in many countries and regions. In mid-February, a paper by Chinese researchers analysed data from Wuhan, Hubei, and China as a whole and calculated a fatality rate of 2. Because X chromosomes contain most of the genes related to the immune system, the inference is that women are better equipped to mount an immune response.

Explained: Do sex hormones help women fight COVID better? To find out, trials on men

Explained: Do sex hormones help women fight COVID better? To find out, trials on men

Experts say things came to a head in October , when Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav was charged with raping a year-old woman executive in Delhi. This resulted in a flurry of media reports on rapes. According to Vandana, these incidents show that the taxi industry is in need of a reformation and a greater influx of women drivers. Of the woman cabbies interviewed, some of whom were single mothers and nearly all were underprivileged, few could recount specific incidents of abuse they had witnessed on the job, although they attributed this to their new roles as protectors of women and child passengers under their watch. Not only was she now educated in self-defence, her legal rights and ways to navigate the system, she knows how to deal with people from various backgrounds. According to Vandana, the company has seen nearly Rs 70 lakh investment from family and friends, with tech companies and foundations contributing Rs 1. Deccan Herald News now on Telegram - Click here to subscribe.


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