A place beyond shame

Duration: 9min 29sec Views: 1467 Submitted: 17.10.2020
Category: FPS
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A Place Beyond Shame


International sex symbol, Seka, has lost her sex drive. So much so that even the mere touch of a man horrifies her. Frustrated and confused, Seka turns to a psychiatrist Paul Thomas who puts her into a hypnotic state to help rediscover her sensuality. Soon Seka finds herself in a world of unlimited ecstasy, observing and participating in encounters with men and women, each more exciting than the last. Your order will be shipped via Canada Post. In stock items will be shipped within 3 days of receiving your order. Out of stock items will take weeks to ship.

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Title: A Place Beyond Shame Seka discovers much to her horror that she has lost her sex drive to the point where she can no longer stand having a man even touching her. Seka seeks help from psychiatrist Michael, who uses hypnosis as a means for Seka to reconnect with her sexuality and resume satisfying her carnal desires. Written by Woodyanders.
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