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In recent years, there have been alarming reports of increased anxiety among young people. Trends like the growing influence of social media, increased competition to get into college, and changing sexual norms put tremendous pressures on our kids. But many of these pressures are exacerbated for girls—especially girls of color, argues psychologist Lisa Damour, author of the new book Under Pressure. Her book is a call to parents and mentors to both understand these forces and help equip girls to handle them, for the sake of their mental health.

“Girl,” “woman,” “guy,” “man”: The effects of sexist labeling

“Girl,” “woman,” “guy,” “man”: The effects of sexist labeling | SpringerLink

In , The Nation reported that girls can do everything boys can—and better. Yet in a number of Canadian secondary schools at least, girls have encountered a sort of cultural time-machine when interacting with their male counterparts. Earlier this year, the researchers published a book— Smart Girls: Success, School And The Myth of Post-Feminism — that documented their interviews with a group of 57 girls between the ages of 12 and 18 in schools all over Southern Ontario. A number of girls from different middle and high schools reported similar experiences. But more of the girls were reluctant to call out boys for their sexist behavior. It would make them look like a feminist, and feminism was a potentially damaging label. To laugh it off.

5 seemingly harmless things that are actually sexist

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of sexist labeling. Sixty males and 60 females were asked to evaluate an artist and a series of paintings on a variety of cognitive and affective measures. The findings indicated that for the female artist, the low and high status labels had an equally negative effect on subjects' judgments; for the male artist, the low and high status labels had an equally positive effect on subjects' judgments. There were no significant differences between male and female subjects. The social and psychological implications of the findings are discussed.
Just like Martin Luther King Jr. Instead, in the search for validity, I hear:. Apparently, my existence is an insult and a threat to the masculinity of men who cannot accept that women are just as inventive, influential and imaginative as them. However, we are told to put up with it, which is itself a form of oppression that never works.