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The Women of Sex Tech conference went virtual for the first time in its five-year history last weekend, no thanks to YouTube. Women of Sex Tech president Alison Falk said the stream was cut off after four minutes during a test run Friday night. The incident, as Vice noted, is yet another instance of tech companies silencing sex education and sexual speech online and perpetuating a harmful pattern of censorship that routinely threatens sexual expression of all kinds across various internet platforms. Sign up for InsideHook to get our best content delivered to your inbox every weekday.

YouTube Removed a Sex Tech Conference for No Reason

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The conference has reportedly been ongoing for the last five years but was moved online due to the coronavirus pandemic. The platform blamed an auto-moderation feature stock. The reliance on auto-moderation has been driven by a lack of human moderators due to constraints brought on by an ongoing the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube said. Sex tech has only recently found a home in major conferences like CES where toys for women and men were on display this year.

YouTube blames removal of a live-streamed women's sex tech conference on moderation algorithm

Hip hop has always been lauded for its outspoken and progressive nature since its birth in the s. But as Black women become more visible in the genre with their explicit and brazen lyricism, so does the controversy it inevitably causes. As this continues to happen on a global level, its effect can be felt locally as well. CakeSwagg: I feel really comfortable in my body. I look good, I work really hard and I bring a lot to the table.
The first-ever live streamed Women of Sex Tech conference, held on Saturday over Crowdcast, almost didn't happen because YouTube's automated moderation controls banned the group from the platform. Women of Sex Tech, a group of entrepreneurs in sex and technology industries, has been organizing events and meetups for nearly five years. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's conference moved to live-streaming online. After four minutes of streaming with a speaker in the UK, the stream was cut off for violating community guidelines.