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Zito, 27, was one of a group of patrons that stayed past closing time at City Bar in Lafayette, La. Police were called to clear the crowd. When officers arrived, a female approached them and claimed the former "Real World" star touched her inappropriately under her skirt as she bent over a cigarette machine. When officers met with Zito, he allegedly resisted and refused to leave the establishment.

Real World’s Dustin Zito: No Regrets About Gay Porn Past

'Real World Las Vegas': Dustin Zito's Secret Gay Porn Past | HuffPost

With his boyish charm and southern gentleman demeanor, Dustin seems like the nicest roommate in the house; but you'd never expect a history quite like his. Originally from a small town in Louisiana, Dustin grew up with a bi-polar, drug addicted mom and an abusive step-dad. Although he was constantly shuttled between parents, relatives and various friends' houses, Dustin worked hard to maintain relationships with his family. With no real idea of what to do after high school, Dustin accepted an opportunity in Los Angeles to be a cast member on a web site that featured an uncensored look at a house of attractive guys living together.

'Real World' Star Dustin Zito Arrested For Sexual Battery

Dustin J. He was a finalist on Battle of the Seasons This wiki.
Best known for his time on the MTV show The Real World: Las Vegas, Dustin Zito was the southern boy with a bit of a past, and gained quite a fanbase due to both his behavior and his somewhat mysterious origins. What is more mysterious than his origins is where he happens to be today. Dustin Zito was born on May 2, , in Rayne, Louisiana. Despite this harsh upbringing, he was able to attend university, though he would have problems paying for it. Unlike some friends who turned to dealing drugs, he would graduate Lamar University located in Beaumont, Texas with funds given to him by the adult website FratPad.