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Originally posted by austindarkwolf. Why not both? He fights DiMA for being dumb— I mean numb. Goodness I had tons of fun! Oh, Hancock is such an attention whore! Nick: Nick has some pressure sensors on the back of his good hand that went awry some years ago.

Recruiting Hancock

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John Hancock is a ghoul who resides in the settlement of Goodneighbor , serving as its de facto mayor. The then non-ghoul John cut ties with his brother after the mayor banished all ghouls from Diamond City, resulting in the deaths of numerous innocent ghouls as the inhabitants turned on them. John tried to save as many ghouls as he could by relocating them to the town of Goodneighbor, but many couldn't adjust to Goodneighbor. Their deaths would continue to torment him into the present day. John relocated to Goodneighbor, viewing it as a haven for those who didn't fit in anywhere else.

John Hancock

Recruiting Hancock [1] is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4. Hancock is unhappy with the Survivor killing his friend and bodyguard Fahrenheit , and demands 1, caps compensation, which can be reduced to , and caps successively with increasingly harder Speech checks, and tasks the Sole Survivor with confronting and killing Bobbi to retrieve those caps. Bobbi can be found at the Hawthorne Estate , where apart from Bobbi herself there will be two initially passive turrets. There the player character will have a conversation with three potential outcomes, all of which will progress the quest:. If left alive, Bobbi will allow the Sole Survivor to take the few items scattered around the estate it will no longer be considered stealing.
John Hancock is an unusual ghoul that resides in the town of Goodneighbor , serving as its self-appointed mayor. He grew up on the Boston waterfront, living in a little shack with his parents and only brother. The relations between them were the usual brotherly fare, with Hancock at the receiving end of his brother's pranks and scuffles. As he grew older, Hancock started sneaking off to Goodneighbor to purchase drugs, a habit that would come in handy in subsequent years.