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When watching movies with subtitle. FshareTV provides a feature to display and translate words in the subtitle You can activate this feature by clicking on the icon located in the video player. Subtitle will be displayed below the video, you can click on every single word to get translated This feature supports many language so you can pick what ever language that you want to learn. If you have any question or suggestion for the feature. She watches her older sister, Elena, whom she both loves and hates. Elena is fifteen and devilishly beautiful.

What to Stream When You’re Looking for Plus-Size Representation

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Oftentimes, scrolling through Netflix or Hulu to find something to watch can be a drag. There are so many options, but many of the TV shows and movies look the same, feature the same types of people, and the same types of bodies. Danielle Macdonald plays Willowdean, the plus-size daughter of a former Texan beauty queen who learned her confidence from her stylish, Dolly Parton-loving, larger-than-life late aunt. Willowdean is navigating her way through high school without her beloved aunt, and does so with the help of her favorite Dolly Parton CDs, her best friend, her handsome new coworker, and a few misfits she meets along the way. You can watch this movie on Netflix, and you can also read the book by the same name written by Julie Murphy. Her grandmother, best friend, and a mysterious musician help her on the road to stardom.

Fat Girl (2001)

The question is as good a summation as any of the themes that Hausner has explored throughout her career, which began in with the horror-tinged coming-of-age tale Lovely Rita and has since moved through an array of styles and genres, from the thriller Hotel to the period piece Amour fou. Last month, when Hausner was in town to attend a retrospective of her work presented by Film at Lincoln Center, she took a moment to speak with us about a filmmaker who shares her suspicion of realism—Catherine Breillat—and one scene that slyly demonstrates the absurdity of ordinary human behavior. This article is edited together from our conversation. Then the beautiful girl takes her place next to the man, and during their encounter they exchange no more than a few sentences before they start holding hands and kissing. And I think the best movies share this.
Young love is idealized as sweet romance, but early sexual experiences are often painful and clumsy and based on lies. It is not merely that a boy will tell a girl almost anything to get her into bed, but that a girl will pretend to believe almost anything, because she is curious, too. The movie was written and directed by Catherine Breillat , a French woman who is fascinated by the physical and psychological details of sex.