Gay truth or dare stories

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Youth Group: Hotel Room Truth or Dare By DerekGuy17 Note: This story series includes depictions and descriptions of gay sex and straight sex among high school students as well as gay incest. This story is completely made up and does not depict anything true. Comments, suggestions, and helpful feedback are welcome. With nothing to do, they decide to play truth or dare with unexpected results. After a round of truths, they moved to dares with the boys trading blow jobs.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare Turns Gay - Gay Male -

It was his idea! After me and James decide to spend the night together, I am seduced to his bueatiful, slender, tan body Stephen finds his roomate hot his stepsister also finds his roomate hot and hung the two cook up a dishy way to get what they want and awesome threesome A story of three friends playing a naughty game of truth or dare and ending in group sex hot and juicy! Ben and Scott are happy as they are, but their plan to keep their relationship secret may just be foiled by a game of "Truth or Dare? About my first time with a guy, and it was a 3some.

Gay truth or dare stories

This past Christmas, I was home from college, working at the McD's again for a little pocket change and just to have something to do. The same crew was there from the summer before, they knew me and I knew them, It was comfortable. Working the closing shift still gave me lots of time to go to the bars before they closed, and it allowed me to "sleep in" most mornings. One night, it was late and the store was so dead, all we did was stare despondently out the windows at the mounting blizzard. Pat, the shift manage, finally got wise and we rapidly closed the store down.
On Thomas's 18th birthday he decided he was going to ask his number one crush to his last winter formal, in a super way. So he put on his superman t-shirt and went to her house with a sign. After all the asking Emma agreed to go to the dance with Thomas.