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Life gets hard sometimes. It gets hard when we're faced with challenges that require us to expand and grow, because when we fail to rise to them, they start to rise up on us. It's pretty much that simple though it it seems enormously complex when you're the one in it. It's hard to be the kid who is bullied, it's hard to be the teen who has to be closeted in a small town, it's hard to go your whole life with a mental disorder nobody knows about, it's hard to be broke at any point — but the thing is that any one of these things, and the infinite multitude of others that people experience, are not meant to hinge our ability to live or enjoy life.

You’re Not Alone In This: 15 Hard Adulting Truths.

I Was the Hard-To-Be-Around Adult Until I Knew Better

When I was a kid being a grown-up seemed so much fun. Adults have so much control and power I thought. Now every Sunday when I have to go grocery shopping, change the bed-sheets or pay the electricity bill I wish I was a kid again. Especially when you have to plan your career and choose what areas of your life to focus on. So ignore your overflowing washing basket and put your feet up instead.

5 Reasons It's Not That Hard To "Be An Adult"

Sep 16, Adulting. But most of us believe that no one else is having quite as hard of a time as us. Because life can feel really hard sometimes. And adulting is just not that easy.
This was not where I would best learn how to be an adult. It all sounds inspiring, but I wondered how I would put it to work in my life. Or if it was just a cop-out.