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Hayakawa was active at the outset of the American film industry. He was the first Asian actor to find stardom in the United States and Europe. He is the first Asian American as well as the first Japanese American movie star and the first Asian American leading man. His "broodingly handsome" good looks and typecasting as a sinister villain with sexual dominance made him a heartthrob among American women, and the first male sex symbol of Hollywood, several years in advance of Rudolph Valentino. During those early years, Hayakawa was as well known and as popular as Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, although today his name is largely unknown to the public. His popularity, sex appeal, and extravagant lifestyle e.

The Japanese male sex symbol who took over Hollywood

The Japanese male sex symbol who took over Hollywood | Dazed

Her unique style, blond hair, and breathless manner of speaking earned her a secure place in the history of Hollywood as one of the sexiest stars of the 20th century. What of the men? Advertisement in Moving Picture World, July Ince, who immediately offered Hayakawa a movie contract. A contract with the Jesse L.

Hollywood’s First Male Sex Symbol Was a Japanese Man

A man and a woman are alone in a room and the door is locked. She is a pre-Raphaelite Courtney Love, thin and fleshy with a babydoll face in a kinderwhore get-up, eyes rattling helter-skelter in her skull. He is treacherous as a melting glacier and twice as pretty in a haori thrown over a white waistcoat, mean-mugging her like a possessed Patrick Nagel poster. The man smirks and offers her his pistol — a true gentleman. She recoils, he laughs.
Both dashingly handsome and athletically built he played quarterback for the University of Chicago in college , Hayakawa was a bonafide sex symbol. He commanded the hearts of millions of American women as a figure of taboo lust at a time when interracial marriage was illegal. Hayakawa, who originally traveled to the U. After catching the eye of legendary film producer Thomas H. Ince and eventually Paramount Pictures founder Jesse L.