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Naked mole rats are considered a medical marvel, with the unsightly creatures seemingly being immune to cancer, resistant to pain and capable of living without oxygen well beyond other animals. Experts previously thought the healthy cells of a naked mole rat were unable to turn cancerous. One in two people in the UK born after will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life. In the UK, the lifetime risk is said to be one in two for males and one in three for females. Among captive naked mole rats, which live up to 37 years, only a few cases of cancer have ever been spotted. These were taken from five different tissues — intestine, kidney, pancreas, lung and skin — in 11 of the rodents.

The Naked Mole Rat

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All animals are precious, but some are just difficult to look at. While all animals are precious and important to our existence, some aren't as cute and cuddly as we'd expect. There are a lot of ugly animals out there, from the naked mole rat to the woolly bat. Some animals are extremely difficult to look at without getting nauseous. Here are just a few of the world's ugliest animals. Sure, Rufus from Kim Possible was downright adorable, but the reality is that these guys are truly horrific to look at and slimy to the touch. Rufus, it seems, was the best thing to happen to the species.

Of Breasts, Behavior and the Size of Litters

Though much has been said and thought about the female breast, there remains one aspect that has received little consideration: the actual number that a woman has, with two accepted as the immutable standard. In fact, humans, like other mammals, can vary in their numbers of nipples and more rarely breasts, raising this little-pondered question: Why do humans, or for that matter any mammals, have the number of mammaries that they do? The few people who have considered this question, including Aristotle and Alexander Graham Bell, have discovered that mammals follow what is now known as the ''one-half rule.
It is reported about the keeping of a group of Naked Mole Rats Heterocephalus glaber; nine males and 13 females , which had been imported from Kenya in They live in a glass container, to which a collapsible system of plexiglass tubes is connected. The moles are daily fed ad libitum with different fresh root crops.