The return of large marge

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Underwater images of Large Marge who returned to the Cape in As her name implies, she's a big girl! We had her estimated at 17' in based on the spotter pilot's shot of her next to the boat. However, I crossed paths with her late in and felt that she was closer to Given that she's had two years to grow I'd say 18' is a good estimate.

Hexamous - The Return of Large Marge

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Below are links to all the previous Large Marge installments to catch you up, and here Jason updates us on what he has done and what he still has left to do to the car, and gets giddy while walking around it on the street in front of his house. All in the name of science, of course. Meet the Speeds and their Mustangs! How to detail the undercarriage of Mustangs in accordance with Mustang Club of America judging rules. How to lift classic Mustangs and avoid suspension damage to shocks and strut rod bushings. Check out the brief step-by-step. We're finishing the week-long build of our Mustang LX hatchback, installing the TMI interior, Dakatoa Digital guages, and all the little details that will make this Fox-body run and drive.

Hexamous The Return of Large Marge

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