What the fuck is a noname gypsy

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Fatimah Nyeema Warner born September 18, , known professionally as Noname , is an American rapper, poet, and record producer from the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. Since , Noname has run her own book club, focused on texts from authors of colour. Noname grew up in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. She was raised by her grandparents until she was in middle school. When she returned to live with her mother, she had a new sibling and she and her mother did not get along.

What The Fuck Is A NoName Gypsy

Noname's New Album Will Sound Like Wise Smiles And Rainforests - MTV

The rapper and poet, who's been criticised for educating fans, should instead be celebrated, says Kyann-Sian Williams. Twitter is, right now, brilliantly political — all kinds of revolutions are taking place online, including the essential blacklivesmatter. Which brings us to the Bronzeville, Chicago rapper and poet Noname. Probably one of the most political rappers of a generation, Noname is still sick of the racial inequality black people have to face. And all of this while feeling that she and a few others are doing all the leg work to help fans understand the struggles of the black people — who birthed hip-hop and other elements of black culture they enjoy. She wondered: where are the other stars? Many cowered behind the excuse of needing to educate themselves before they spoke out in solidarity with the BLM movement.

Noname may quit music, says she won’t perform for mostly white audiences

The hype factory is now open for business. Since then, news of the project has been scarce. That all changed with the reveal that it's coming out this year.
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