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Not This Fan’s Service: An Alternate Viewpoint on Code Geass S1 22-23

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I avoided watching Code Geass for a long time, partly because I am picky about character design in anime I happen to like my characters to be somewhat under eight feet tall , and partly because I had watched two episodes without beginning to care about any of the characters. In the end, two things made me change my mind. One came from the preparations I made before creating my anime fanart group at deviantART, in which I learned that Lelouch Lamperouge ranked third in the Anime-Planet poll for character all-time popularity an influx of votes for Kakashi-sensei has since lowered Lelouch to fourth place. Granted this is not the most scientific poll in the world nor does it claim to be , but when over twenty thousand named characters got ranked in that poll, scoring so high must mean something. The word fanservice is not uniquely defined in anime. Ordinarily we associate it with suggestive depictions of female characters, but it can also be associated with violence, or even with big robots.


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