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The present review has been focused largely on the sex type differences in beef quality among heifers, cows, steers and bulls in various feeding environments. Genetic groups, feeding systems and gender are the major factors that change carcass characteristics and fatty acid profiles of cattle. Studies identified that heifer beef has super characteristics in eating quality and a better healthy composition in fatty acids than steer, cow and bull. Diet influences the variation of fatty acid profile; particularly the level of polyunsaturated fatty acids PUFA interacts with breed and sex. Carcasses of roughage-fed beef are lighter and have less marbling and lower quality grades but have higher cutability than carcasses of grain-fed bulls. Heifers and cows are reported to deposit more fat than steers and bulls.

Want More Heifer Babies?

AN/AN The Economics of Sexed Semen in Dairy Heifers and Cows

I thought that title might get your attention! Seems like everyone is interested in how to get more heifers from A. Herd expansion is one reason for a high heifer demand and a second reason is often less than desirable conception rates. Higher fertility levels must be achieved if additional heifers are to be made available for expansion. Unfortunately, herd expansion and conception rates often appear to be antagonistic. As herd size increases, herd fertility tends to decrease resulting in fewer calves born each year and thus making maintenance of herd size a difficult task, much less having any extra heifers. The reasons for this reduced fertility are numerous but are usually associated with increased stress on cows due to high production, overcrowding, inadequate nutrition, or the difficulties associated with heat detection and proper insemination timing in large herds.

Growing Pains

Use of sexed semen for artificial insemination of US Holstein heifers 1. Sexed semen was used for 1. For sexed semen breedings,
The goal with sexed semen is to produce a calf of a specific sex. Sexed semen is widely available now and many dairy producers are using it to obtain more and better heifer calves. Because of its higher cost per dose of semen, combined with a reduced conception risk, sexed semen is primarily recommended for use in virgin heifers.