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American Singer Cardi B don respond afta she mistakenly post nude photo of herself for her Instagram story. Di rapper wey just celebrate her 28th birthday on Sunday, 11 October immediately notice her mistake and turn off her phone so dat her nude photo no go upload. But e don dey too late as water don pass garri because by di time she turn on her phone back, di photo don already upload for her more than 76 million followers to see. Cardi B quickly delete di photo, accept responsibility for her mistake and address di mata. Cardi B tok for her Instagram story say she no go sue anybody on top her nude photo as di mistake dey come from her side. She say she no go beat herself up about di mistake.

Cardi B Accidentally Posted A Nude Photo On Her Instagram Story

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Cardi B accidentally posted a nude photo on her Instagram story - before deleting it as quickly as she could. You can hear her talking about the slip up here:. The rapper - who celebrated her 28th birthday on Sunday 11 October - immediately realised her error and turned off her phone in a bid to stop it being uploaded. Why, why, why? Cardi B also responded to people on social media who somewhat intrusively decided to ask about the size of her areolas.
And more power to them! J jessiej on May 5, at pm PDT. My phone flipped onto selfie mode by accident this morning when I was making breakfast. Took this. J jessiej on May 3, at am PDT.