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Charge your users with a fast, convenient and anonymous device that everyone holds in hands DIMOCO Carrier Billing has pioneered the online content vertical for more than a decade now. Collaborating with us will guarantee maximum revenue, whether you provide webcams, adult tubes, adult games or VRxxx. According to a large scale study of wireless search behavior conducted by Columbia University, the most popular type of query that users performed on the XHTML interface were adult queries. With an increasing number of smartphones, tablets, and smart-TVs, the digital adult content industry is looking for a payment option available on multiple screens. To provide a seamless payment experience, DIMOCO Carrier Billing is adjusted for all digital channels and can be used for one-off , as well as for subscription services. Direct Carrier Billing does not require registration , which makes it an attractive payment option for digital adult content, especially from an anonymity perspective.

Recurring Billing in Adult Industry

Billing Behavioral Health Medicaid services under Managed Care

Zombaio's IPSP card processing is quick, reliable and secure. Thanks to our affiliation with TNS, we can simply add national cards for individual customers. Our infrastructure provides core technology that allows adult entertainment companies to function smoothly and reliably on internet, every day. We provide modern, reliable and scalable billing technology and solutions for the AE Era, we call this; A new generation of billing technology for the adult entertainment industry. Toggle navigation. High Risk Direct Merchant Account. You use Zombaio's platform for e-ticket issuing, access management, backend etc, but you use your own direct merchant account, and the acquirer pays you directly to your bank account daily, weekly or monthly.

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Depression is a common problem encountered in primary care practice. There are many barriers that the primary care clinician faces in managing patients with depression. Financial reimbursement is one infrequently addressed barrier that influences how care is provided.
Log in. Carrier billing also seems like a good option for certain markets and business models. Unfortunately, most adult entertainment offers to U. Pate says that the shift to mobile is not limited to the adult market, and directly correlates to what mainstream merchants are experiencing.