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Yes, I know the general gist and watched the animated version years ago, but I've never read the original or been that much of a fan of the versions I've seen. Here W. Crawford takes Alice for an animated porn spin, and has some nice fun with it. There's some nicely familiar scenes, but I'll admit that I was hoping for a bit more. I don't know how one would work the Rabbit or Cat in, but a Tweedle threesome would have seemed like it should fit in quite well. Of course the Mad Hatter has to make an appearance and get in on the action, but the Hatter and Red Queen are about all it is for those looking for Wonderland action.

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Featuring state of the art 3D animation, follow the story of grown up adult Alice as she discovers Underland and it's cast of deviant characters. Follow Alice down the hole and experience a whole new level of psychedelic sexiness. Written by dmh. This version of the Lewis Carroll classic suffers mightily from lack of imagination and considerable corner-cutting. The sort of 3-dimensional not 3-D projection but using computer modeling look that was best achieved in the "PornoMation" films is rendered here rather crudely. My favorite version is Luca Damiano's live-action edition which memorably guest starred Chessie Moore, and included a minute or two of amusing "inside out" animation of the cock entering the woman as seen from the vagina or rectum vantage point. That clever Luca trademark is more creative than this entire hour-long junker.

Alice in Wonderland (Blu-ray + DVD)

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Alice in Wonderland. No need to keep your old tape player hooked up, and to fear oxide degradation as you wear that cassette out. Oh yes, this release is a real oddity, and there are those out there who'd like a pristine transfer and some extras to make their trip down the dark alley of nostalgia worthwhile. For the rest of you renters, be warned; this is an X-rated musical comedy. I think my work here is done.