Bare bottom spanking tumblr

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A paddle like what she is using gets the message across to him that she is the boss. Always wanted to be spank by you for many years and used to watch you on you tube and how can I get my bare bottom spank by you ma'am. Is there any Oder female that would enjoy spanking a older male bare naked bottom please text me only Posts Likes Archive.


Domestic Spankings

Tala and I will be married this coming Saturday. Having completed my paddle spanking therapy sessions and Tala her strapping, all by Mrs. Guzman, we have kept our courtship very pure. Tala has promised me chaste yet very hot wedding sex night that will begin with her laying down ground rules for our marriage morality, sternly yet lovingly instructing me and then paddling very soundly until I sob like a baby. Please describe in detail this night, including illustrated if possible her attire. Yes Tala has longed for Wedding day just as much as you have.

All Things Spanking

My sisters have always spanked me. Reminds me of All the spankings I got growing up, My Mom Had a paddle just like that, And even looked a lot like her too. When you Got paddled by her your bare bottom was very sore and very RED. This way you can feel when his seman spurts out on your thigh, and that is good, because the spanking will do him a lot more good after he has been relieved of that seman. He will then feel the pain of the spanking in his bare bottom instead of feeling the pleasure in his penis.
Baby miniature-minx gets spanks with her nemesis Mr. Wooden Spatula. I did not think the night could get any better after having an incredible scene with my submissive Zoey at the VIP Bliss Fetish Party, but then the beautiful and talented misskyga asked me for a cold caning.