Big sexy trucks

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Girls and Trucks

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Top definition. Lifted truck. A truck that has had its suspension modified so that it rides way too far off the ground, usually to the point where the high center of gravity could actually be dangerous. Normally driven by someone who chews dip, starts fights, and has an extremely tiny penis. My lifted truck has straight pipes and rolls coal , but my dick is still two inches hard. What in tarnation?

‘Big Sexy’ Ford F-250 Becomes an Internet Superstar

We spend a lot of time looking at trucks on the Internet. Some are good. Some are cool. And some are so awesome that we double-click while wiping a little drool from our mouth.
Finding a bunch of sexy cars is a simple chore. But finding a handful of sexy trucks is much tougher. Trucks are meant to haul, tow, work, or play in the mud. And for the most part the only difference between truck models are the engine size, drive train configuration, cab size, and bed length.