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Many readers have told us that our post about Spontaneous and Responsive Sexuality has been eye-opening, but what if neither you nor your spouse is sexually spontaneous? Men typically but not always exhibit spontaneous desire. Spontaneous desire leads you to ask for a date, lean in for a kiss, test boundaries for touching, escalate a physical encounter, try new things, and risk rejection. These behaviors can be confusing for the recipient, because it may seem like the sexual behavior is coming out of nowhere — which it is.

Intimacy in Marriage

5 Weird Things I Face as a Christian Sex Blogger

Learn, laugh, and take away practical tips for improving the sexual intimacy in your marriage. Many shy away from talking about sex, but J. Parker would love to speak boldly and biblically at your next event. New posts added weekly. A support community for women with higher sexual interest than their husbands.

7 Christian Sex Blogs Every Married Couple Needs to Follow

Being a Christian wife who blogs about sex is not all confetti and party hats. Today I thought I would pull back the proverbial sheets, turn up the lights and give you a peek at 5 weird things I deal with as a Christian who blogs about sex in marriage. Ahh, the spellcasters.
Is it wrong to have sex in the same room as another couple? Should anything go in the bedroom? Trouble with manual sex How to keep intimacy alive without sex. If you never got a chance, you can fill it out here.