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Two years after Indonesia put into effect The Bill against Pornography and Pornoaction in , Ariel was charged with breaking the law by appearing in two separate sex tapes found on the internet. Ariel, whose real name is Nazril Ilham, is an Indonesian rock star, the lead singer of Indonesian band 'Peterpan' later 'Noah'. On the charges relating to the celebrity sex tapes, he said that his laptop was stolen from him, with the footage uploaded to the internet without his consent. Initially the two women whom Ariel engaged with in the acts, TV presenter and model Luna Maya and soap opera star and model Cut Tari, denied being the women in the videos. However, on July 9th, , Tari finally admitted to being in one of three sex videos. Indonesia is a country with Muslims as a majority of its population.

Indonesian Sex Tape Ariel vs Cut Tari

Ariel and Cut Tari sex tape (Indonesian Celebrity) -

Nazril Irham , more popularly known as Ariel born September 16, , is an Indonesian rock star. He is the lead singer of Indonesian band Noah former name Peterpan. He was arrested in on charges relating to celebrity sex tapes found circulating on the internet after his laptop was stolen. Ariel formed the bands named Sliver, Cholesterol, and Topi. All broke up in the middle of the road. The Bill against Pornography and Pornoaction came into effect in Indonesia in Her lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea said her client had confessed to featuring in the video with band lead singer Nazril 'Ariel' Ilham.

'Ariel Peterporn', The Leaked Celebrity Sex Tapes Involving Three Major Indonesian Celebrities

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