Girl bully wedgie stories

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By wedgietimegirls Watch. So I was walking by the girls bathroom at school when a hand pulled me into the bathroom. The girls bathroom! When I saw who it was, I immediately turned and assumed the nerds wedgie position.

Bully wedgie story

The Boy, the Bus and the Bully

By FutureStalker Watch. Windy nights were Taylor's least favourite kind of ones. As it was, her hair was damn near untameable, and the wind was just making it worse. But she simply sucked it up and did the next best thing available to her; tying it back. It didn't solve the problem, but it helped.

The Boy, the Bus and the Bully

Jessie: Return of a Bully. It's a bright sunny Wednesday at the Walden Academy and Luke, and Finch were hanging out at a table near the Gym and are having a good time talking about the new addition to the NBA game. Luke was wearing a blue T-shirt, dark blue jeans, and white shoes. And Finch was wearing a red long sleeve plaid dress shirt, grey cargo pants, and black shoes. Finch: The only thing I like about the new addition is that the roster will be bigger and will give you new packs to open.
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