Harvard nude run

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The undergraduates unhooked bra straps, let towels fall from their bare bodies, and braved the chill of a 31 degrees-Fahrenheit Cambridge night to sprint a nude lap around Harvard Yard as part of the fall iteration of Primal Scream. A biannual tradition, Primal Scream takes place at the end of reading period and just before the start of final exams in both the fall and spring semesters. Each year, Harvard students face the same questions: Will they abstain totally, preferring warmth and unshrivelled dignity? Will they watch their peers pursue Primal prominence? Or will they themselves throw clothes and caution to the wind? In choosing to run Primal Scream early Wednesday morning — the lap, per tradition, kicked off at exactly midnight — Cashin joined a minor army of students ranging in age from fellow freshmen to seniors to a handful of alumni, who admitted they were alumni but declined to give their names.

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Harvard Students & Alumni Go Nude for Biannual 'Primal Scream' | RealClearEducation

A peculiar biannual tradition when students run naked around the Harvard Yard before finals begin. The event called Primal Scream happens at midnight on the day preceding the final exams. As the moment approaches, palpable buzz fills the Harvard Yard. Students gather at the central quad in various states of undress with occasional elements of clothing from towels and capes to gym shorts and flags.

Harvard students let off steam before finals by running naked lap in biannual tradition

Twice a year, large groups of students gather in the Harvard Yard to decompress from studying for finals. The catch? In approximately 10 minutes, hundreds of Harvard students will be butt naked, screaming and running around the Yard.
Primal Scream is a tradition at Harvard University that forms part of the streaking at educational institutions. At midnight on the last night of reading period and before final exams begin, students streak through the Old Yard. The streakers begin in the north end of The Yard and generally make one lap around, but the more adventurous sometimes aim for more.