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After falling from popularity it was revived by Finnish band Loituma in the 's, and in a cover by Otomania was released, voiced by Hatsune Miku and accompanied by a video illustrated by Tamago. At the time there was a popular internet meme called Leekspin, which was based on an animation of Orihime Inoue from the Japanese manga Bleach twirling a negi to an infinite loop of the 5th stanza of "Ievan Polkka". Riding on the popularity of the meme, Hatsune Miku's cover of "Ievan Polkka" became her first popular work. Since then the song has been covered countless more times by other Vocaloids; numerous versions exist, including solos, duets and even a quartet mimicking the original. In the video, she waves a negi also called a Welsh onion or spring onion in time to the music, establishing the negi as Miku's signature item. Many Vocaloid fans mistake the negi for a leek; however, although a negi does resemble a leek, they are two entirely different vegetables.

Ievan Polkka

Hatsune Miku - Ievan Polkka (HD) | Hatsune miku, War thunder, Hatsune

The song is sung in very heavy Eastern Savonian dialects spoken in North Karelia. The melody of "Ievan Polkka" is very similar to that of Savitaipaleen polkka, and in South Karelia the Ievan Polkka is also known as " Savitaipaleen polkka ". The melody can be traced back to the Viipuri Province in the 17th century when the border with the Kingdom of Sweden ran west of the province. The number of Russian soldiers stationed in the border area outnumbered the locals for many decades. However, the polka genre is of much later date.

Ievan polkka

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