How big is shaqs penis

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Last year, Adam Sandler got pretty animated while telling Conan O'Brien a story about a time he tried to see Shaquille O'Neal's penis , and now Conan has immortalized the moment forever by actually animating Sandler. Artist Dilara Karabas recently created a cartoon version of Sandler's story, giving us a glimpse of what the comedian's quest actually looked like. The animation does a great job of capturing Sandler's journey and the awkwardness of being confronted after trying to catch a glimpse of little Shaq. Your vote is your voice! It is your right and your responsibility.


Realistically, how big is Shaq’s dick? – Two Dawgs, One Blawg

At the time, O'Neal answered by taking off his size 23 shoe and putting it on his thigh. Go ahead. Ask me right now. What did you ask me, Andy? During the interview referenced, Cohen had specifically asked O'Neal, "How big is your dick? The former Las Angeles Lakers superstar chuckled and said, "Andy, I don't think you should ask me that question on national [television] I do not believe you just asked me that question.

Realistically, how big is Shaq’s dick?

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I think this is fair because, as I and most women would tell you, my dick is very proportionate to my small and unimpressive body. Any bigger or smaller it would seem out of place. Before we start, I would like to note that I strictly compared dick proportions under the assumption that they are fully erect. To get a 8. This is just rubbing salt in my wounds, knowing that if I was just a few inches taller, my dick would likely more than proportionately grow in size.