How to get to unseen village

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How do you enter the unseen village without being snatched?

Bloodborne: Yahar'gul, Unseen Village and escaping the Death Dealer prison •

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help. If you came a cropper when fighting the Death Dealer a little earlier on in this walkthrough, you'll have ended up in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. This region of the game is designed for much higher-level characters, so we'll show you how to sneak out of here and make it back to Hunter's Dream. First things first, leave your starting position via the door on your right, then enter the next room on your right.

Bloodborne guide: How to get out of Yahar’gul, Unseen Village

In Bloodborne , one of the most dangerous and complex areas is Yahar'gul, Unseen Village , but we'll also be delving into the Cathedral Ward area to help you on your way. Just in case you need anything else at all on Bloodborne, including how to beat every boss and overcome every complex area in the game, head over to our Bloodborne guides walkthrough hub. From the Yahar'gul, Unseen Village lamp you can continue in this area, or you can go back and collect some items.
Yahar'Gul Unseen Village is a secret optional area in Bloodborne the first time around. It includes an optional boss, Darkbeast Paarl, that can be fought in the area. Getting to Yahar'gul isn't tricky, but will require you to do something different.