Independent sex

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Sexual thoughts, feeling and activity are all part of being human and age is no barrier to having a sex life. Although we may have fewer opportunities for sexual expression and changes to our bodies can present challenges, our desire and passion can be just as strong in later life. Intimacy is important to our physical and mental health and wellbeing, and there are many benefits to being sexually active. Sex may:.

Eveningness is associated with higher risk-taking, independent of sex and personality

Eveningness is associated with higher risk-taking, independent of sex and personality

The World Health Organization has appointed two distinguished leaders to co-chair an Independent Commission on sexual abuse and exploitation during the response to the tenth Ebola Virus Disease epidemic in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She will be joined by co-chair Julienne Lusenge of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an internationally recognized human rights activist and advocate for survivors of sexual violence in conflict. The role of the Independent Commission will be to swiftly establish the facts, identify and support survivors, ensure that any ongoing abuse has stopped, and hold perpetrators to account. It will comprise up to seven members, including the co-chairs, with expertise in sexual exploitation and abuse, emergency response, and investigations. The co-chairs will choose the other members of the Commission, which will be supported by a Secretariat based at WHO.

Sex in later life

The latest restrictions on sex in the lockdown tier system. Sleepovers are only allowed for couples sharing a household or in a support bubble. Listen to the latest episode of Millennial Love. Shere Hite: Author of taboo-busting works on human sexuality.
Bill Clinton has long enjoyed the support of prominent feminists. But, in light of the Clinton sexual scandals, some, like Anita Hill, fear the laws may be weakened. Indeed, this may be the only happy outcome of an otherwise dreary episode. When government punishes sexual attitudes, as opposed to crimes against person and property, it interferes with personal freedom and steps beyond the bounds of good law.