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The results of a small study bring some positive news for men with low sexual desire; they suggest light therapy - exposure to bright artificial light, often used to treat seasonal affective disorder - could also boost men's libido. It is estimated that up to one quarter of men have a low sex drive - defined as lack of interest in sex. Anxiety, stress, depression, and other psychological factors can be causes of low sexual desire in men, as well as a reduction in the male sex hormone testosterone. The new study - recently presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology ECNP Congress in Vienna, Austria - found early morning exposure to bright light for 2 weeks increased men's testosterone levels, enhancing their sexual satisfaction. Study leader Prof. Fagiolini and colleagues decided to further investigate how bright light exposure influences men's testosterone levels, and what impact this might have on sexual desire.


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One of my first ambitions in life was to write an advice column I'm of a generation that enjoyed "Dear Abby" in the newspaper. I am not a therapist. All the forums on this site including this one, offer suggestions for resolving your concerns. This one includes matters of sex, love and dating. I think you're gonna have some fun while you're visiting this page, and perhaps learn some pertinent, valuable information you can add to your romantic, social and sexual repertoire.

Forum: Recent cases show a culture of male sexual entitlement

Two recent reports Former Yale-NUS College student admits to filming videos of female schoolmates in shower , ST Online, Jan 13; and Man gets 28 years' jail, 24 strokes for sexually abusing stepdaughter , Jan 14 have led me to observe a troubling trend of male sexual entitlement in Singapore. The man who abused his young stepdaughter said, when she told him to stop groping her, that her body was his and he could touch her anywhere he wanted. The former Yale-NUS College student who recorded videos of his housemates while they were showering explained his behaviour as a way of de-stressing from his academic pressure, as if his female housemates existed to service his needs. To me, these statements indicate a habitual objectification of women and girls, treating them like tools for men's gratification instead of autonomous human beings. This culminates in an attitude of male sexual entitlement, a belief that men are owed sexual pleasure on the basis of their gender.
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