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Mileena and Kitana Feet Friendship

Mortal Kombat Girls on Fighting-Game-Feet - DeviantArt

By Kslider Watch. Mileena despite not being one of the "better" looking characters of the series, inspires some sort of urge to worship her feet. Not sure what it is about her but I'd lick her heels in an instant. Question of the day, what are your thoughts on Mileena?


The toes have been exposed with her latest skin! Had to come back to this one. We can officialy see her toes exposed, we need a barefoot skin for her too. If they include her soles too, the world would be a happier place. I love sisters that lick each other's feet.
Those of you who aren't fans of Scorpion's new Jim Lee-designed costume and apparently there are a lot of you in the Injustcie: Gods Among Us game likely thought that was the biggest Mortal Kombat news of the week. But there was far bigger buzz relating to the video game franchise. I speak, of course, of handmade Mortal Kombat flip books. A portfolio showcasing the work of.