Naked gun umpire scene

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But the entire plot of this classic film hangs on hardball. But not this movie, not in the hands of four baseball nuts with a penchant for zaniness. But what will he do? How will it be funny?

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'It's Enrico Pallazzo!': The inside story of 'The Naked Gun' baseball game | Sporting News

Sign In. Showing all items. The Naked Gun: I. The Naked Gun This is a remake of that movie.


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Sign In. Showing all 55 items. More than likely the original audio was voiced over so the movie could keep its PG rating. In reality, she always stands still and to attention when the anthem is played. The mayor states that the city is presenting the queen with a "Revolutionary War musket," but the firearm Ludwig holds up is clearly a rifle, not a smoothbore musket.