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Follow her on Twitter velocirapture The same officers appeared to turn tail and flee when confronted by her exposed genitalia as she sat down spread-eagled on the pavement. Whatever one thought of the stunt, the footage was arresting. Storytellers know a hook when they see one, and the naked lady performing what looked like interpretive dance or ballet, or yoga poses, depending on the writer in front of heavily armed riot cops was nothing if not a hook.

Portland protester ‘Naked Athena’ speaks out: ‘I am notoriously naked’

Portland’s “Naked Athena” Speaks for the First Time to a Local Podcast - Willamette Week

By Sophie Tanno For Mailonline. The Portland protester dubbed 'Naked Athena' for her nude confrontation with armed police has revealed how her display was unplanned and felt like 'being in the eye of the storm'. A protester dubbed 'Naked Athena' has been revealed as a woman in her thirties named Jen. Feet planted, shoulder width apart, arms at their side, chest up, head high, and its a warrior stance She was with her partner, who she asked to hold her clothes, when she made the bold decision. And I walked out there.

Who Gets to Be a ‘Naked Athena’?

It was a. In the five hours he had been out, Killen and a group of protesters had been pushed by police northward on Third Avenue, he said, to its intersection with Taylor Street. Officers stood across the intersection, facing the group of protesters.
The need for strong, independent local journalism is more urgent than ever. Please support the city we love by joining Friends of Willamette Week. There's the Wall of Moms, who now have their own theme song. No one, however, has received as much national attention as "Naked Athena," the protester who was photographed facing down officers while wearing only a beanie and a face mask. Movie director Adam McKay tweeted about his obsession with the image.